Monday, April 19, 2010


This week, we get a head-to-toe improv makeover. Want to see what it looks like?

First, go to Chicago.

We'll be performing with three other Apprentice Teams on Sunday, April 25, at noon. (Which is nice, because then we can commence immediately to drinking.)

Want to check it out? Click here, then scroll down and down and down.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Spite has a show this Saturday! At the Fishtank with the fun folks in KC Crossroads Comedy! At 7pm! It's $6 in advance and $8 at the door! You should come!


We've been a little busy, what with working out (seriously!) and getting ready for the Chicago Improv Festival. Along with our pals at the Roving Imp, we'll be heading up to the improv mecca to study and perform as an apprentice team. That means:
  • We get to spend four days seeing great shows and meeting fun people and maybe—just maybe—having a couple of beers.
  • We'll be coached by Second City guy Nick Johne, who describes his college-age self as "a science nerd majoring in microbiology at a central Ontario agricultural university" and sounds like he might be made of pure awesome.
  • We perform Sunday, April 25, at noon at the Gorilla Tango Theater, 1919 N. Milwaukee Ave. Tickets are a measly $5. The lineup:
    [opening act]
    Roving Imp Theater
    [second act]
    [third act]
    West of Shake Rag
    [closing act]
    Tickets will be available at the box office on the day of the show.
We're, you know, a little excited.