Thursday, December 31, 2009


Spite makes our resolutions like everyone should: over several bottles of wine. Before the buzz could wear off, we packed our calendars with a bunch more shows. Want to see the ladies* of Spite in January? Here are your chances:
So there's really no excuse not to see some of the funny in January.

And if you want even more (along with guaranteed TMI), you can follow us on Twitter.

*As always, we use the term loosely.

Monday, December 7, 2009


We're taking a much-needed break over the holidays, because all that eggnog and spiked cider and mulled wine DOES NOT DRINK ITSELF, PEOPLE.

But we'll be back in a whole new show at a whole new venue in January. And we're stupid excited about it.

Our friends at KC Crossroads Comedy have asked us to perform with a bunch of other great groups Saturdays at the Fishtank in the Crossroads. They'll kick things off January 2—our first show is Saturday, January 30, at 7pm. Also playing: Improv Thunderdome Team #9 and the brand new improv duo, beejay (one of those folks should look familar).

We've got a lot more in the works...including shows at another theater AND more videos. But first, we've got a date with some eggnog.

UPDATE! That other theater is the Roving Imp. (We've been dreaming of being able to make this announcement since the Imp Fest back in October.) Our first show is January 29, with another fabulous Imp troupe to be named later.

Happy holidays from Spite.