Thursday, January 15, 2009


In case you're curious. 

Spite formed in part because we wanted to compete in Thunderdome and mostly because we never seemed to get enough stage time together playing with Tantrum

We didn't make it out of the preliminaries (a small matter of the audience voters being stacked something very close to 100:1), but we made an impact on Pitch reviewer and Thunderdome handicapper Alan Scherstuhl, who admonished audiences that, had they attended, "you would have laughed. Hard. Often. Maybe embarrassingly, spitting out your drink, needing a Kleenex once in a while."

Going into a short-season Mini-Dome, Alan put us at even odds with the eventual champion (and our 2009 show partners) Loaded Dice—this time, we took home the championship. And we did a few non-competitive sets, because by then we'd realized we weren't just playing around. 

Spite's latest performance was a three-group show with local favorites Babel Fish and a duo between renowned Minneapolis' improviser Jill Bernard and Spite-ite Trish Berrong. We play once or twice a month with the boys of Tantrum, but can't wait to get the stage to ourselves again.



And we couldn't be more excited about it. 

Coming in March, Spite begins Every Other Fourth Fridays* at the Westport Coffeehouse Theater. We'll be sharing the stage with Loaded Dice—the bad boys of improv. (They've got an Improv Thunderdome Championship Belt. We've got an Improv Mini-Dome Championship Cup. That's a lot of championship improv on one stage.)

Can't wait that long? We're the lady-parts of Tantrum—and our next shows are in February. 

*It's not much of a mnemonic device, but it's what we've got.